Shutdown Republicans Collapse In Another New Poll

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Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell

The Republican Party has suffered an epic collapse in public confidence after Tea Party leaders engineered the shutdown of the federal government.

According to a poll released this morning from ABC News/Washington Post, the Republican Party now polls at at all-time low in that survey. A paltry 32% have a favorable view of the GOP, compared to a gigantic 63% unfavorable view.

The radical Tea Party movement fares even worse, with less than a quarter of respondents viewing the movement led by Sen. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin in a favorable light.

53% blame Republicans for the shutdown, while only 29% blame President Obama and just 15% believe both sides are to blame.

Despite this poor performance, many Republicans and conservatives insist that their movement won the showdown with the President, including racist radio host Rush Limbaugh.

A CNN poll released on Monday showed that 75% of people polled believed Republicans should not retain control of the House of Representatives.

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  1. What an awful article, national confidential should be ashamed to have such trash with their name on it. Who was polled in all these statistics, they leave that out because it would mellow their dramatics. Trash article from start to finish. I won’t ever take these ignorant liberals from national confidential serious.

  2. This just shows how republicans lack even BASE comprehension skills. Only illiterate and bigoted voters vote republican. That whole subculture is a digrace to this country and to humanity as a whole.

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